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Love All The Way


Project Overview

In TUMS’ previous brand campaign, people are shown fighting their anthropomorphized food.

But, we believe you should be able to love all the things you love without reservation. TUMS gets rid of your heartburn—quickly, simply and safely—so that everything you love, you can Love All The Way.

Our proposed global digital repositioning allows TUMS to participate in more popular online conversations already happening around food love. Shown here are some of the creative tactics that we developed to drive awareness, consideration and trial.

Digital platform

We’re lovers, not fighters… but we’ll fight for what we love.

Ad-like objects

We developed several Ad-LOBs to demonstrate the range of our creative platform, from emotional benefit, to functional benefit, to translation across languages and cultures for various markets (e.g. Brazil)


Our way of leveraging two of the biggest trends on Instagram (selfies and foodporn) and spinning them into an ownable brand platform. Posts can come directly from anthropomorphized food objects—including Tums' tv characters—across a range of voices and tonalities.

Swipe to discover

Social discovery partnership within Tinder app. Ad placements would be natively woven into the UX-- swipe left if you're not interested in the profile, heartburn-inducing food images would randomly appear with dating profiles, swipe right (showing it love) and unlock a coupon you can add directly to Passbook.

Branded utility

Partnership with Yelp to bring social discovery to fans. After setting search parameters, users can swipe through authentic user photos—scraped from foursquare, Instagram and Twitter—to identify meal options that fit their desires and receive cuisine-specific product messaging and discounts from Tums

Streamlining the path to purchase

Context-specific ad placements (like geo-locating mobile users in stadiums) offer coupons straight to Passbook, which allows us to send push notifications and streamline the path to purchase

Brand integration

Food delivery partnerships let us advertise natively on a platform like Seamless and better yet, integrate free sampling into the ordering interface

Food porn FTW

In-store physical and digital placements in the "love" aisle, as well as eCRM to drive traffic to the world's larges Pinterest board of food love
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