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Group Dating App

Come Hang

Project Overview

Come Hang does not aim to reinvent social conventions for twenty-somethings— they already go out with their friends for a good time, but they’re also looking to meet and hook up with others.

Yet many won’t consider online dating because it’s either stigmatized or they feel too vulnerable going at it alone. Come Hang is a platform on which friends can form groups, find other interesting groups and meet up at appealing venues with exclusive Come Hang promotions.

I was brought on as a partner and founder to develop this social utility. My role was to oversee creative direction, concept advancement, product development, information architecture, user-experience and design. The prototype is still in development.

Come Hang lets groups of friends find other groups and deals

Group flow

One user can participate in, add, edit and view multiple groups with different friends

Browsing through groups and sponsored venues

Through the list view, users can discover other groups, see their high-level details, as well as deals available at local venues

Cover view and group details page

Alternate browsing view (this included swiping way before Tinder ever did!), opening group’s details page reveals more info, as well as a CTA to invite them to Come Hang

Group messaging

Users can manage conversations between groups in the message center. From here they can chat with other groups and purchase coupons for promoted venues to finalize plans.

Generating revenue for the platform and value for our users

Coupons can also be purchased and stored for access upon arriving at promoted venue
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