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Loyalty Reimagined


Project Overview

Our team at Wunderman led the strategic evolution of My Coke Rewards. What was formerly a transaction-based loyalty program is now a deeply social, activity-based engagement platform. Transforming the platform has led to more meaningful interactions between the 23+ Million MCR fans and over 100 of their favorite brands.

As the ongoing partner for the MCR team and their customers, we continually develop new ideas to enrich the brand-customer relationship, ranging in scale from light-touch social interactions to integrated campaigns.

Personalized homepage

Dynamically display the most relevant content and promos based on user profiles

Partnerships and promotions

For significant brand partner campaigns, we develop custom landing pages on the MCR platform to receive and drive additional traffic to/from other campaign efforts

The power of the platform

With emerging technology and the support of the MCR platform, we develop concepts that encourage consumers to have fun with Coke and all other participating brands, such as virtually collecting a series of promotional cans

Social commerce

Light touch components allow fans to be rewarded for social action and can be seen throughout the site
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