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Future Friendly


Project Overview

To generate awareness for P&G’s sustainability program, our creative strategy was to position “Future Friendly” as an approachable authority in the space that would educate and encourage the community to see the big in the little things they do.

The site concept uses the home as a framework within which it can deliver contextually relevant tips for greener living. The site includes contextual product info and was built with parallax technology for a more engaging experience. Users are encouraged to save and share their favorite tips to Facebook where participation can be further promoted, measured and displayed.

“Home” page

The architecture of the site symbolically borrows from the architecture of a house

Each page is a different room

Hotspots reveal a contextually relevant tip (some with product) that users can save to their personal playlist

Post your “playlist”

Users are encouraged to share their saved tips to Facebook

The den

A place users can "sit down" and catch up on content from across the Future Friendly ecosystem

Education through entertainment

Articles, videos and tweets are accessible via the Media Center overlay

Page not found

A playful way to handle the 404 page in an otherwise clean house: the messy closet

Social leaderboard

All the tips from the home are displayed on the Facebook page, in order of popularity

User generated tips

Users are encouraged to submit their own tips and vote on their favorites. The most popular get featured and rewarded.
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