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PUR Water

Project Overview

The Daily Drop campaign began with category awareness. Thought-provoking ads would get moms thinking about the importance of clean drinking water for their families and those in underdeveloped countries. Then through ensuing ads and narrative development, PUR was positioned as the best water filtration solution.

Participation was simple— pledge to drink clean water every day and PUR would match every glass with a donation of clean drinking water to a country in need. Once moms were engaged and involved, incentives would drive streamlined purchase with one of the first ever native Facebook e-commerce experiences ever developed.

Raising category awareness

Participation for a cause— for every glass you drink, PUR will donate clean drinking water

Driving product awareness

Cross-promoted "PUR for you" tab introduced the family of PUR products for the home

Streamlining path to purchase

Pioneering Facebook shop

Platform-native store

Branded PUR Facebook shop
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