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Project Overview

This project is a future vision for an e-commerce platform that would allow P&G to sell their products directly to consumers, as opposed to relying on retailers like Walmart and Target. By migrating all their existing brands’ online sites to this flexible platform, they could maintain existing brand equity, support individual brand initiatives, but also cross-sell, upsell, offer exclusive bundles and build a loyalty program that would allow them to compete with the stores in which they currently sell their products.

Dynamic, personalized homepage

Users landing directly on the eStore homepage can find products by category, room, brand or the relevant promotions we expose based on their profile and usage. Products popular among their friends bubble up as well.

Content focused on user-driven pathways

Once users begin to shop, the nav bar recedes and the organizational properties of the user's path become primary. All product category pages are built on one template, skinned with a design to reflect the selection— in this case the user has selected "Nursery" from the "Rooms" category.

Intuitive product display

Product shelf pages also leverage a single template, with a visual design that reflect the user's path, always accessible via dynamic breadcrumbs near the top. All shelf pages include exclusive in-line bundles and promotions.

Retaining brand equity

Product detail pages all sit under the global P&G header/nav and leverage a single template, but are flexible enough to reflect unique brand equity and content.

Reviews reimagined

Amazon reviews are too dense and verbose. As a result, users tend to only read the best and worst. Based off those learnings, we offer visual summary of all reviews including most common key phrases and social endorsement.

Brand sites

Every brand property still exists (e.g., but would now fit our template and be bookended by P&G global nav and footer. Brand initiatives have their own space, but shelf and product detail pages leverage templates seen above, all skinned with the brand's look and feel.

P&G as master brand store

With P&G's wide portfolio of products, an integrated shop would allow us to offer exclusive promotions for loyalty. Featured here: auto-renew subscription savings and alert for free shipping upgrade.

The power of the portfolio

Loyalty and savings for exclusive bundles as well as free samples.
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