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Say Goodbye to Skinny Savings

HSBC Direct

Project Overview

We needed to persuade our target audience to move their money from a traditional, branch-based savings account into an HSBC Direct online savings account. This was no small feat, since we were facing a brand and category switch— consumers needed to understand the virtue of online savings against the shortcomings of their traditional savings.

With that, we put our our campaign "Spokespig" to work in a big, fat way. We launched an integrated national campaign and with Chicago as a key market, we took over local media with targeted messaging placements.

Our campaign brought in 97,285 new customers – 14% over goal and generated $3.1 billion dollars in deposits – 13% over goal.

Campaign overview

Impossible to miss

Our inflated piggy taking over the Great Hall in Chicago's Union Station

A larger pig each morning

Commuters saw how the interest rate made the piggy grow each day (we’d replace the pig each night at midnight)

Station domination

We gave a physical presence to the virtual bank by placing contextual messaging all around Union Station

Interactive extension of the campaign

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