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Drone Drop

Under Armour

Project Overview

Under Armour, a challenger brand fighting for footwear credibility, needed to make Stephen Curry's new signature shoe famous if they were to compete with the other giant sneaker brands. They were looking to create a memorable and impactful sneaker release in order to uniquely generate buzz among sneakerheads and technology enthusiasts, engage Curry and Golden State Warriors fans, and drive interest in Under Armour's new "More Dubs" Curry 4 shoe. ​

We reimagined the shoe release with a disruptive delivery method that mimicked Steph’s playing style and his ability to launch from anywhere at any moment by unleashing the world’s first sneaker drop via drones.

​During the activation we engaged fans from over 150 countries and garnered over 16,000,000 social media impressions and more than 119,000,000 media impressions.

A special product, for a special fan base, delivered in a special way

Our launch pad

Flying the drones off a customized yacht gave us a loading center from which we could easily reach all our hidden drop zones.

Deliveries across The Bay

Not just a gratuitous use of technology— the drones allowed us to quickly reach Steph's biggest fans from Oakland to San Francisco.

The thrill of the chase

Fans had to jump into our custom mobile app to locate a hidden drop zone—and several other delightful easter eggs—in order to secure a ticket they could use to hail a delivery drone.

A glimpse into the future of product delivery

Even fans who didn't get there quickly enough to snag a pair of kicks were still part of the story, helping broadcast the experience on social media.

One of our lucky winners

Steph's most hardcore fans were rewarded for their efforts.
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