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Facebook Content Series


Project Overview

Find a way for a seasonal brand to create year-round engagement with customers and prospects. And we’re talking to moms of young kids, so good luck holding their attention!

We went to where the moms are — Facebook — and launched a serialized campaign, with shareable, “snackable” posts each month of the year. We developed multiple themes that touched upon real situations moms can identify with, to build a year-round relationship despite a limited media budget.

In just the first 3 months we saw massive engagement from an easily distracted audience:
• 200,000+ new fans
• 46,000+ post likes
• 1,800 total shares

“The Culprit”

Using satire, we focus on the core of the problem to help parents fight illness. Each post has a germ-passing culprit who might get their kids sick.

“Cold Season Survival Tactics”

It’s you against the cold, and Triaminic is here to mold your family into a cold-fighting machine.

Get in shape with the “The Mommy Workout”

Parents know all too well—chasing, lifting, twisting, pulling—it’s quite strenuous keeping up with a healthy child. 

“Everyday Triaminic”

Anthropomorphizing our products to connect with seasonally relevant content.

“Dr. T.”

You’ve never heard of “Dr. T?” IMPOSSIBLE! He’s a world-renowned doctor-puppet known for his incredible understanding of all things cold & flu.
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