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Mustrash Talk

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Project Overview

On a limited budget, we needed to spread the word about a fantasy baseball analysis tool that users would inherently not want to share with the friends in their leagues, preferring to keep the competitive advantage to themselves. We studied their behavior and discovered an opportunity to provide a fun utility with our product messaging mixed in. Because they don’t want to just win… they want to rub it in.

Mustrash Talk is 40 fantasy baseball trash-talk messages—scripted for various fantasy-related scenarios—that you can send to everyone in your league using Keith Hernandez’s glorious lip-jacket to tout your victories.

The campaign was picked up by several popular sports blogs and went viral on Facebook and YouTube. Plus, we got to meet the legend himself. I’m talking about the mustache…

:30 promotional spot

The only thing more fun than winning, is rubbing it in.


Sometimes people think it's okay to build a team of studs from the '90s. The only problem is, the '90s were a long, long time ago.

Trade Request

Tired of one-sided trade offers? Like Pujols and Cano for Blanton and Hart? Send this over with the rejection notice.


Is it okay to arrogantly tout your own glories? Yes. Does it make you a bad person? Who cares.

Your Sister

Sometimes, even when you get beat, you need to let off some steam. This could get awkward. And potentially, violent.


Sometimes you just have to ask. You know, to make sure. After all, girlfriends don't tend to like losers.

Branded YouTube page

We created videos to cover a variety of fantasy baseball scenarios and they needed to live somewhere.
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