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Project Overview

This was the winning pitch for a nostalgic brand that now has to compete with so many digital entertainment options...

It can happen anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s pulling the football out of a bag, or blasting an unsuspecting target, all of a sudden, it’s on.

The toss becomes the “go long” contest; the shot becomes the retaliation mission. They all begin simply—by picking up a blaster. By grabbing a vortex football. And once it starts, it takes on a life of its own.

So start a game. Start mayhem. Start something.

Virtual trial

Users can substitute the Vortex in their Madden Football video game and unlock an exclusive discount code by using it to complete a long touchdown

Streamlined e-commerce

The coupon code can be redeemed at, applied to a bundle (upsell!) and fulfilled by their retailer of choice (e.g. Amazon Prime members might want to take advantage of their free shipping benefits)

Augmented reality gaming

A scavenger hunt strategically places virtual targets outside retail locations. Hitting a virtual hoop or target unlocks coupons redeemable inside

In-line advertising

Dynamic ad units would be triggered during heat waves

Virtual ambush

Start something on your friends' wall with this video ambush

Nerf homepage

Destination experience which included Nerf Nation community of games and videos, programs like a design-a-backboard contest, a virtual armory and other CRM features

Nerf app

Mobile extension that would inspire and enhance offline gameplay with brand products
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