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Next Generation Vending


Project Overview

Pepsi was developing a connected fountain soda machine with a touch-screen, multiple syrups and a single dispenser. But for all it had, it still needed branding, information architecture, interface design and smart ways to take advantage of the mixing opportunities with all its beverage brands.

The key challenge was to bring this all to life through a rich experience that connected digital and physical worlds, engaging, but swift so as to not create long lines at the machines.

Machine form factor

With custom animation, we connect the digital display to physical output

Catching passersby's attention

Animated ambient screen states showcase trending flavors: Most popular mixes by location and by brand

IA for hundreds of custom options

Interactive touch-screen offers intuitive navigation paths, including the most popular brands on the home screen for users who want to quickly get their basic/usual

Branded experiences

Each beverage brand has its own branded environment and virtual dispenser alongside the custom flavor options

Deepening engagement without lengthening lines

Mobile mixing options—by flavor, mood or color—allows for more immersive brand experience. Then, users can input their custom mix code at the dispenser to try it out.

Gamification to enrich the experience

Mystery Mix adds a gaming aspect: Remix outputs a beverage and the user has to guess it on the app

Promotional site

Post-launch website includes locator, mix suggestions, app and Mystery Mix promos

Social mixing

Pepsi Facebook page allowed users to make and share a mix based on a friend’s personality

Borrowing from brand friends

The Pepsi Remix was cross-promoted on other popular PepsiCo brand pages

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