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Steph VR

Under Armour

Project Overview

In the last few seasons, Steph Curry’s unparalleled shooting ability has not only hacked the game of basketball, it has changed the way it’s played. On the cusp of winning a 3rd NBA Championship, Curry was more than a human cheat code — he had graduated to a full-on operating system. When Under Armour asked us to celebrate Steph by bringing fans into this “operating system,” there was really only one way to do it — with a 360-degree experience that transported visitors into an alternate dimension: "Steph VR".

Fans experienced “Steph VR” for themselves online and at a pop-up space we built in downtown Oakland. Strategically placed along the Warriors’ Championship Parade route, Steph’s biggest fans could try on headsets and experience the piece in a Samsung-sponsored VR gallery. The limited-time pop-up also showcased limited runs of Steph’s newest sneaker, the Curry 5, selling out every colorway in just two days.

Bringing it to life

We collaborated with artists who sculpted the entire experience in Virtual Reality. Using Google Tilt Brush technology, artists spent over 300 hours in a VR headset painting 1,000s of brushstrokes across a 150-color canvas.

Enter the Operating System

Experience the journey in full 360° VR

Pop-up event

On the day of the championship parade, fans could enter the immersive VR experience in our gallery equipped with Samsung headsets. The pop-up shop also showcased merchandise, including exclusive Curry 5 colorways, World Championship t-shirts and unique fan experiences.
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