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Clean Break


Project Overview

With their new burgers, Lightlife was making a clean break from unhealthy fillers and additives in their products. So we teamed up with late-night comedian Lilly Singh to help dole out hilarious, personalized advice on how to get rid of stuff you no longer need. Because, let’s face it, we could all use a clean break from a few unnecessary things in our lives like bad dates, late night shopping, and food made with synthetic ingredients you’ve never heard of (i.e., most of the plant-based burgers out there).

We created a social-media based hotline, inviting the Instagram community to tell us what they needed a clean break from. Then we helped Lilly respond directly to fans with custom, unique videos we posted to Stories in real time. Our activation generated over 80 Million social impressions and inspired people to make a clean break from Lightlife's competitors.

The activation went live on Lightlife's and Lilly's Instagram channels with a short launch film. Fans could comment on their own “clean break” needs and get advice from Lilly herself.
One of dozens of videos we created in direct response to a fan request.

From Junk Food and Bad Bosses to Ghosting and Social Media

Fans were invited to tell Lilly what they needed a clean break from using Instagram's native UI. We then scripted, shot, edited and posted comedic responses in real time. Tagging fan handles (and sometimes addressing them directly in video) drove more engagement and broader reach.

A Clean Break recap

Need inspiration on how you can make a clean break from unnecessary things in your life? Like bad dates, binge watching, or ingredients you’ve never heard of? Check out some of our favorite bits of candid advice from Lilly Singh on how to call it quits.

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