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Project Overview

Launching a new, mobile video platform featuring premium short form content, Quibi needed to build a customer base from scratch. To do that, they needed a creative partner to cohesively bring their brand look, feel and promise to life across all digital media touchpoints. That's where we came in.

Since the platform was exclusive to mobile and featured a patented rotating video technology, we used a simple, fluid frame graphic as a visual device to promote their content and tie everything together. In addition to the frame, we created a completely scalable, flexible design system to be used for all paid digital advertising. We produced creative content optimized for the nuances of every platform from Facebook to Twitter to TikTok. Then we used that strategy to promote title... after title... after title by creating bespoke :15 and :30 second trailers for 25 of their marquee new series.

Although their platform was defunded soon after going to market, in the six short weeks leading up to launch, we created over 1,000 unique pieces of content and crafted over 300 captivating video ads, never letting quantity get in the way of quality.

A comprehensive design system

We created a dynamic, modular design system, including design, animation, content and production guidelines for all of Quibi's digital marketing efforts.

What is Quibi?

When Quibi first launched on social, before they had any photos, videos, or any real content, we conceived and created a slate of irreverent fake Quibi products and cypher riddles to encourage people to ask WTFisQuibi? Each post seeded Quibi’s A-list talent and teased the platform’s keynote announcement at CES.

Really, WTFisQuibi?

After the CES keynote we captured some footage of talent and edited a series of social videos that continued to deceive, mislead, and drive people to ask "WTFisQuibi?" and to find out the real story at
We used an animated frame as a visual device across all placements, rotoscoping out our subjects to break the frame and give some depth to the videos.

Quality at scale

Although their platform was defunded soon after going to market, in six short weeks leading up to launch, we created over 300 captivating video ads and over 1,000 unique pieces of content.

Email templates

In addition to paid ads, we created a dynamic, modular design system for Quibi's emails that allowed the client to manage and promote their large catalog of shows.
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