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Make Taste Happen

Field Roast

Project Overview

Ever since COVID began in 2020, culinary inspiration has taken a hit due. From no dining out and no travel, to supermarket shelves with no food — our pantries are a mess. Somewhere between panic-buying and a botched vaccination rollout, culinary burnout hit hard.

Enter Field Roast sausages, with exciting, bold flavor, they can elevate even the most simple recipe into a culinary masterpiece.

So we challenged chef-turned-rapper, Action Bronson to Make Taste Happen with the weird, wonderful and wild skeletons in your pantry, with the help of Field Roast. The result? More than a few freaky pantry ingredients and an explooooooosion of flavor.

Let's get weird

Action Bronson wants to turn random ingredients you have at home into culinary masterpieces, with the help of Field Roast.

Adventurous flavor meets ancient aliens

Enter the twisted mind of Action Bronson as he creates a culinary masterpiece with Field Roast Smoked Apple & Sage Sausage, Sambal Chili, Pistachios and Capers (or as Action likes to call them “tiny alien pods of flavor”).
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