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Project Overview

Have you heard of the Veganuary challenge? A month-long commitment to a strictly vegan diet as a way to get introduced to the vegan lifestyle. Oof.

Lightlife, the plant-based protein company, would like to inspire you to enjoy some more delicious plant-based meals, but promoting a challenge people couldn’t wait to break didn’t seem that wise to us, so we created a much more accommodating and accepting movement for the month right after Veganuary.

Welcoming eaters of all kind—from Carn-noisseurs to Veg-with-benefits—we started promoting Flexuary on January 18th, when 88% of people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. We targeted people tired of Veganuary and other unreasonable diet commitments with a more balanced and realistic approach to eating and living.

We were in pre-pro on a video-driven PR campaign featuring New Girl's star Max Greenfield but due to COVID production restrictions, it evolved into an online campaign featuring a personality quiz, paid & organic social, animations, digital ads, merchandise and influencer amplifcation, all promoting the Flexuary mindset—and the Lightlife brand—as a way to live your best life, with plant-based ingredients the way they work best for you.

Have you struggled with your strict January diet resolution?

Take our quiz to find out your Flexuary persona and see how we can support your plant-based needs.

Are you Plant-Based or Mega-Meaty?

Through a series of questions and a playful interface, users could learn more about themselves and get personalized recipe recommendations.

Revealing results and recipes

Whether you're a Vegan Visionary, a Meat-Me-Halfway or a Carn-noisseur, we have recipes you'll enjoy.

Influencer amplification

Have you taken our Flexuary quiz? @platingpixels did and he found out he’s a Carn-noisseur! ‘Cause while he’s plant-curious, he also keeps meat on the repeat! That’s why we suggested the Maestro Burger for Matt. Want to find your persona? Hit the link in our bio to take the quiz and get a recipe (and coupon!) to match!
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