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Will Trips

Under Armour

Project Overview

While other brands were trying to entice holiday shoppers with discounts, Under Armour asked us to make the gear in their Holiday Gift Guide more premium and desirable. Strategy pointed us towards leveraging influencers, but to get the gear on wish lists everywhere we needed to go beyond the typical influencer marketing practices. So instead of just sending influencers premium gear, we sent them on unforgettable experiences.

After matching four influencers with UA's best gear, we delivered custom-built crates inviting them on a journey designed around the gear's unique product benefits. What followed were four first-class trips... and stunning content.

We tailored the content for Instagram, partnering with influencers whose audiences matched our target. With every post, their followers saw the gear hold up in extreme conditions and difficult workouts, giving them confidence it would be perfect for their own training regimens.

In all, the content had OVER 23 MILLION IMPRESSIONS on Instagram and was used across content and product marketing. Entertaining and engaging, it was advertising that didn't feel like, well, advertising.

Elevating Under Armour's Holiday Gift Guide

We sent 4 influencers on 4 epic trips to put Under Armour gear to the test.

Turn wish into will

After developing a unique itinerary in Iceland for Dolvett Quince, we delivered our curated UA apparel in a custom-built crate, inviting him on a journey designed around the gear's unique product benefits.


After traversing glaciers and waterfalls in ColdGear, Dolvett Quince took on Iceland's winter weather like a viking with the guidance or ex-Strongman champ Magnus ver Magnusson.


HOVR lifts you up... so we challenged Dale Moss to an epic training run at 7,800ft and gave him a lift in a scenic helicopter ride over the majestic Grand Canyon.


We challenged health and wellness expert Nicole Cogent to put our ColdGear to the test in one of the chilliest places on earth -- 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden.


Sweat yoga, swerve cycling and the latest in recovery tech -- New York has it all. We gave Jules Hunt the Vanish line to keep her cool and dry during her time in the bustling city.
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