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Fantennial Celebration


Project Overview

To celebrate the NFL’s centennial season, we developed a series of engagements designed to strengthen the bond between the league and its fans with a series of once-in-a-lifetime prizes that only the NFL could offer.

We treated a fan to a century’s worth of season tickets.

Invited Travis Kelce to be the Best Man in a wedding between two Chiefs diehards.

Brought one family’s Turkey Bowl to Lambeau Field, with Brett Favre as their coach.

Immortalized fans in Madden by actually putting them in the game.

Challenged fans' leg strength for a chance to work out their quads with Saquon Barkley.

Invited them to experience a day in the life of legendary insider Adam Schefter.

Hosted a fantasy league's fantasy draft live at NFL HQ... and had the commish, Roger Goodell, announce their first round picks.

Let a lucky fan push the confetti cannon to kick off the ultimate celebration, then hang with the Super Bowl MVP in Disney World.

From strategy to ideation, concept to completion, and promotion to fulfillment, our behemoth of a program garnered more than $20,000,000 worth of earned media, over 2.3 billion impressions, upwards of 3.2 million engagements and the highest level of contest participation in NFL history.

We did it by honoring the people who helped shape the league while laying the groundwork for generations of fandom to come.

100 Experiences of a Lifetime

Rather than focus on the traditions of the game, its players, or great plays, we created a yearlong celebration that rewarded fans – positioning the traditional, legendarily serious league (once dubbed the No Fun League) into a game for a new generation. Light. Fun. Even funny..

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Want Travis Kelce to join your wedding party?

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