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Internet Heroes of Genius

Bud Light

Project Overview

In 1998 Bud Light launched one of the most beloved campaigns in history—Real Men of Genius—a series of outright silly toasts to overlooked everyday inventors.

But a lot has changed in 20 years—including a diminishment of brand love from Bud Light fans—so we reinvented the classic campaign with a modern spin, honoring today’s Internet Heroes of Genius.

We created new spots celebrating the people that make the internet a fun place to spend time. As part of the launch, we did a live Twitter thread, where people told us why they were Internet Heroes and we quickly responded with a joke and video singing their praises.

Fan reaction to the campaign has proved overwhelmingly positive, with a 94% positive sentiment among audiences (and with strong progress toward converting that last 6%). Read more in the press coverage at Adweek, AdAge and The Drum.

Modernizing an iconic campaign

For a brand that likes to have fun and be humorous, we brought back Bud Light’s "Real Men of Genius" with a new twist for the digital age.

Social Media Manager

Snapchat Lens Creator

Netflix Login Sharer

Person Who Accidentally Went Viral

Wikipedia Editor

Live fan engagement

We set up in a studio to write, produce and post videos in response to fan tweets in real-time, celebrating as many Internet Heroes of Geniuses from the community as we could in a day.

Revived again for quarantine

After being in lockdown for a couple weeks thanks to COVID-19, we brought the concept back again, with a new series celebrating people making quarantine more fun for us all.
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