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A Taste of Honesty


Project Overview

Despite offering plant-based burgers for decades, Lightlife was suddenly getting dominated by well-funded category upstarts who promised to more closely mimic meat.

Yet for all the buzz they were creating, Beyond and Impossible used chemicals and synthetic ingredients in their recipes while Lightlife has never in 40 years used artificial additives. So we decided to own the one thing the others couldn’t: good, clean honesty.

With Honesty as our North Star, we realized we could address a real issue parents face—needing to lie to their kids to get them to eat something healthy. Instead we inspired parents to give their kids a taste of honesty.

We secured the most honest parents in the land to deliver the message—Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard—and built an integrated product launch and brand awareness campaign around proving that when it comes to food and family, honesty is always the best policy.

The launch spot was watched 2.5 million times just during its first week, despite having no paid media behind it yet. The campaign overall netted over 338 million PR impressions with the influencer marketing campaign around #ATasteofHonesty yielding an additional 2.3MM organic social impressions, getting recognition as Adweek's Ad of the Day and Campaign Live's Ad of the Week, placing Lightlife alongside Impossible and Beyond on Adweek’s list of the top plant-based campaigns of the year, and finally giving Lightlife the brand awareness needed to rival its flashy competitors.

Our launch spot with Hollywood's most honest parents

A two-minute film that hilariously, and sometimes brutally, showcases the real-life ups and downs of honest parenting.

A fully integrated campaign

In addition to our launch spot, we built exclusive social and web content, developed a press kit featuring custom interviews with our spokesparents for news outlets, brought the brutal honesty brand story to prime time via a custom integration with Jimmy Kimmel Live, developed a parenting tutorial about how to be honest with your kids with supermodel Molly Sims, worked with influencer parents from across America to share their brutally honest parenting anecdotes, and in the process, opened up a huge debate across social media about just how honest you should be with your kids surrounding our hashtag #ATasteOfHonesty.
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