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Test Drive On-Demand

Land Rover

Project Overview

For a luxury brand, tactile experience with the product is paramount, but perceived quality issues of Land Rover vehicles often causes shopper abandonment early in the research process. Through our own research, we recognized that test drives are an under-leveraged conversion tool.

However, there are too many barriers in front of a test drive, such as inconvenient dealership hours and unwanted pressure from the salespeople. If we can remove some of the friction around this proven conversion tool, we can ease brand trial and drive an increase in sales.

Turns the notion of what a test drive is on its head by empowering the user to drive a Land Rover when they want, where they want and how they want.

Benefits for the shopper

Reserve time directly through the app to test-drive an available Land Rover in the area.

Benefits for the dealer

Land Rover partners with its dealers to populate non-showroom/outlying areas with vehicles used exclusively for unaccompanied, appointment-only, test-drives.

More than just a scheduler

The app itself serves as the key to the vehicle.

The virtual salesperson

We will provide users with a virtual in-car audio tour based on the presentation styles of Land Rover’s top salespeople and VO’d by a recognized British talent.

A complete tour

In addition to the drive experience, beacon technology allows us to tour the rest of the vehicle— such as the back seat, cargo area and engine as well.

Relevant follow-up from the retailer

Through the pairing of the phone to the vehicle, we can follow up with more relevant information to the user. “You test drove the RRS, but we noticed you went shopping at Costco. You might be interested in X model instead which has more trunk space.” “When you were stepping on the gas, you were feeling the power of a V6. Maybe you would be interested in seeing what a V8 feels like?”
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