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WWE 2K22

Project Overview

After their previous WWE video game was widely criticized for its subpar experience, 2K took 2 years to rebuild their game engine for the next release: WWE 2K22. But even with a better product, fans were still skeptical that 2K was able to deliver the goods.

That's why we decided to unleash the best arbiters of quality in the WWE universe—the Superstars themselves—to convince them.

We built an entire campaign featuring Superstars collaborating with 2K developers as a reason to believe in our promise that this game would hit different.

A Peak Inside 2K HQ

To tease the game, we dropped this trailer showing Superstars working with Developers (and influencers, including MGK) on everything from gameplay to GM-mode to soundtrack.

Who Gets First Game?

Once the Superstars and Devs completed their quality-control and the game was available for purchase, there was only one question left to answer...
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